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Eco-Friendly iPhone 12 Mini Cases Plastic Free

A Green Co. - Eco-Friendly iPhone 12 Mini Cases Plastic Free

This is India’s first truly Eco-Friendly iPhone 12 Mini Case. A Green Co. makes 100% Compostable phone cases & plastic free meaning less waste in our landfills and oceans.

Classic Colors - Now Customizable!

These are our most popular selling colors for iPhone 12 mini case.

Printed Cases

NEW! Patent pending UV Curable Technology

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Classic Engraved Cases

Our classic case with timeless engravings.

What is an Eco Friendly iPhone 12Mini Case?

At A Green Co, we are not only committed to providing our customers with Eco-Friendly products. We help educate the public on what makes something eco friendly and how to make eco-friendly choices for iphone 12 mini. For instance, two important factors we ask our community members to look for are:

  • The resources used to make a product;
  • And, what components it will break down into.
sustainable products

Raw Materials

Companies, today, need to design sustainable and natural products. Chiefly to avoid using any synthetic, petroleum based inputs. Firstly, these require more energy to produce and release toxic substances during the production. Secondly, they are neither recycled, nor recyclable. In addition, many companies use a common greenwashing practice of selling their products as “plant-based biodegradable cases”. Whereas, these contain only 10 or 20% natural products and the rest is artificial and synthetic compounds.

A Green Co. makes its Wheat Straw material from 100% plant based natural materials. Otherwise, this material would go straight into the waste stream. Furthermore, we are enabling a shift of energy wastage towards a useful and aesthetic product.

End of Life

Today, we are using most smartphones for an average of 2 years, before discarding or breaking them. Therefore, an ideal phone cover should not stay behind for more than 1 year after its usefulness is over. Similarly, it should not lead to any discharge of damaging chemicals into the soil or water. Also, it should not break down into micro-plastics only to damage our habitats. Hence, we must select 100% Eco-Friendly products, certified by a reliable third party, not just by the producer. 

A Green Co. is developing cases which fully compost within 6 months to 1 year. Hence, it is the only 100% compostable  iphone 12 mini case currently on the market. Moreover, our cases comply with the strictest global standards of composting: ASTMD6400 and EN13432.

Eco Friendly Case

Why A Green Co. For Eco-Friendly Iphone 12 Mini Cases.

At A Green Co., our aim is to cut plastic at its source. Thus, we provide customers with an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional plastic cases. 

Nearly 1 billion plastic phone cases are sold every year. As a result, humans dump tons of needless plastic into landfills and illegal dumping grounds. Till date, 20,000+ customers have joined us on this journey. Thus, simply by switching to A G