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Tales of Green is an initiative by A Green Co, for bringing to the masses, the stories of people who are making a move for the environment, today.

Through this project, we plan to build a community of conscious people from all over the nation, and join them all through some intriguing narratives, interviews, though sessions, and music.

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"The real inconvenience happens, when people start questioning you. They start looking into your ways, questioning them, so you've got
I became mindul of my consumption, my choices only after I went to the landfill. I saw the condition of
It requires governments to set up industrial composting and biomethanation plants, regulate the plastic industry, checking the dumping of toxic
"After an year of me living an eco-concious lifestyle, my social circle has automatically changed their habits from observing me,
"Am I just buying this product, or am I also buying the waste along with the product - in form

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