Our Materials

What are A Green Co.'s cases made from?

The secret ingredient in our cases is Wheat Straw + a Bio-based polymer which comes from an annually renewable harvest. Thus, our cases are Biodegradable, Compostable, and 100% Plant Based. 

Moreover, they are completely recyclable without any degradation. So, you can send back your cases to us at the end of their lifecycle. We will make them into completely new, hygienic, and equally sustainable cases.

Not just that, our material is naturally flexible and shock absorbant, which makes it perfect for manufacturing phone cases. Finally, the smooth texture also ensures that the cases are completely fingerprint and smudge proof. 

What is Wheat Straw?

Wheat straw is the stalk left over after harvesting the wheat grains for consumption. Since olden times, farmers are wasting and disposing off the stalk as waste. In fact, in India, farmers burn this stalk, worsening air pollution and public heath situation. However, we found so much value in these stalks by reclaiming it, and putting it to use in making our phone cases.

By diverting this waste from being a health hazard, we are reclaiming this resource to make durable, lightweight, and Eco-Friendly mobile cases.

Blue iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 case from A Green Co. lying on wheat straw waste displaying the natural material it is made of.