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Tales of Green with Ms. Mrudula Joshi (2/3) – A Green Co.

“The real inconvenience happens, when people start questioning you. They start looking into your ways, questioning them, so you’ve got to be ready to handle such questions and sitautions”

– On being asked about the problems that she faced in moving to such a lifestyle, she tells us that the efforts and the work itself is not the major deterrant, but the acceptability from the social circle around us.

“When you try to convince others about such a lifestyle, you invite a lot of frustration, and a high chance that they are not going to listen to you”

– A major factor behind that is the difference in education on the climate crisis. As a person starting an eco-concious lifestyle, you would have binged and read a lot of studies, blogs, and resources on the same. But the people around you have not, and that is what creates this divide. 

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