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Tales of Green with Ms. Mrudula Joshi (1/3) – A Green Co.

“Am I just buying this product, or am I also buying the waste along with the product – in form of the packaging, billing, carrying bags etc.?”

That’s the question Ms. Mrudula Joshi started asking herself, in a typical modern supermarket of this day.

At the same time, she does not denounce the modern day technology and resources, and is trying to create a balance among eco-sustainability and ease of living; Her MANTRA: “Frugal Living for the Urban World”

In an interview with us on Sunday, she told us that she has allocated small brackets of time from her regular lifestyle to perform her responsibilities towards the nature- She has installed a home composting system for all the organic waste from her household, and has made it a habit to separate all waste into proper categories to facilitate the waste processing system, after it leaves her home. 

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