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Tales of Green with Ms. T. Lalita (2/2)

It requires governments to set up industrial composting and biomethanation plants, regulate the plastic industry, checking the dumping of toxic waste in the water bodies and in the soil. My personal journey of becoming mindful of my actions fuels my activism greatly. I am much more active in the environmental movement.

All the choices I make I ensure they are accessible and affordable to me and to people of all income backgrounds: be it brewing bioenzyme, using soap berries, using mud face packs, using hibiscus hair packs, buying all my daily groceries in my own bags and containers. All these are choices that enable me to have a conversation with those around me about how deep rooted the problem is. 

I use my personal journey to talk about how it is also ultimately linked to larger things like dependence on fossil fuels, indigenous people’s fight to safeguard the environment, the need for democratic reforms through collective action.

Environment Interview from Ms. T. Lalita, Brought to you by A Green Co. under Tales of Green

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