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Tales of Green with Ms. T. Lalita (1/2) – A Green Co.

I became mindul of my consumption, my choices only after I went to the landfill. I saw the condition of the waste. It made me realise my complicity in the problem. I knew that I had to first and foremost find out what choices I could make that wouldn’t compound the waste problem. 

Unfortunately, the system is built in such a way that avoiding a lot of harmful things like medicines in plastic packaging cannot be avoided.

But does that mean cutting down on things which are harmful is not possible? Of course not.


I urge everyone to go visit the landfill once ‼️

See what you can do at the individual level. Composting your wet waste, using reusable cutlery, switching to packaging free products is a big step. 

It helped me realise that this problem requires structural measures. It requires corporations to take ownership of the waste they create.

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